"Ryan is a very talented massage therapist who is sensitive to his clients needs. He has the knowledge, experience and touch to provide exactly the restorative therapy you need, with just the right amount of pressure. Ryan used a variety of techniques to help relieve my chronic back pain; his massage is both relaxing and effective! I highly recommend booking a session with him to see for yourself!"  -Tracy


"I have known Ryan over a year now and his techniques were good to begin with and have only improved. I look forward to getting a massage with him when I am able because I know he is constantly learning new ways to help a body relax. Ryan is very intuitive and I can count on him to work the areas I didn't even know needed attention until he began working on them. Ryan also dabbles in music and does extensive research in many areas concerning relaxation, not just massage therapy. I trust Ryan with my aches and pains."  -Julie


"Ryan is attentive and intentional in his craft. You can really tell that he loves and cares about what he is doing. His kind, relaxed, and safe presence, mixed with his skill in massage, makes him a great practitioner I would recommend to anyone."  - Samantha


"I was lucky enough to be gifted a therapeutic massage with Ryan while visiting Joshua Tree. I had incredibly sore, knotted-up shoulders and was just quite tired from traveling. Ryan's kind, easy manner made me feel immediately relaxed and comfortable. I was amazed at how intuitive he was in finding the source of tension in my  back and neck without even having to point it out. Ryan has a rare combination of physiology expertise and innate intuition - to sense where you need help most then completely un-knot you. A wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing experience. Highly recommended! "  - Rachael